The NOVA framework is a C#-based 3D game design framework based on XNA with emphasis on augmented reality games.

Read more about the development of SuperNOVA in my blog:

Current features of the NOVA Framework:

• 3D Physics using BEPU Physics

• Advanced Game Screen Management based on the MSDN Example

• Augmented Reality Features:
  • Optical Marker Tracking using ALVAR and GoblinXNA
  • Microsoft Kinect Skeleton Tracking
  • Sony Playstation Move Position Tracking (No rotation yet)

• Integration of 3 different renderer
  • Simple Renderer (based on the XNA BasicEffect)
  • Forward Renderer
  • Deferred Renderer

• Custom Lighting using Directional-, Point- and Spotlights using the Forward and Deferred Renderer

• Integration of 3 texture mappings
  • Solid
  • Normal
  • Parallax

• Model Animation with Cross-Fading using XNAnimation

• Multi-Threading for improved performance

• Particle Effects using Mercury Particle Engine

• 3D Texts using Nuclex Fonts

• 2D User Interfaces using GoblinXNA

• Integration of the Vuzix iWear VR920

• Kinect Speech Recognition

You can find basic and advanced tutorials in the download section to learn how to use the NOVA framework and all of it's features. The tutorials are currently only available in German.

NOVA 1.2.x videos

Fruitarian Frenzy

Head Hunter

Protect the Object

NOVA 1.3.x videos

Bamm Ball

Falling Baumgartner

Pixel Monster

Wall Crasher

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